Why Bamboo Leaves Turn Yellow

Why Bamboo Leaves Turn Yellow?
Bamboo Leaves Turn Yellow

There are many different reasons that make lucky bamboo turn yellow, Whether you are using bamboo plants for hedges, and bamboo privacy screens, or growing them in indoor pots, water, etc they will turn yellow if you don’t know how to take care of them. here we are going to give why bamboo turns yellow and how to treat that.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and provides many benefits to the earth. It releases oxygen into the atmosphere and is excellent at sequestering carbon from the air, which can help mitigate climate change. and many brands use it to make home furniture and don’t not harmful to nature because is fast-growing than other plants on earth.

10 Reasons Why Bamboo Leaves May Turn Yellow

You need to read these reasons carefully because I believe you will find the mistake that you do and make your bamboo turn yellow.

  • 1. Environmental Stress: The first reason is environmental stress, Bamboo plants are sensitive to environmental changes which means stress that comes from extreme temperatures, drought, or excessive sunlight can cause the yellowing of the leaves. To avoid that you need to grow your plants away from where there is no climatic change.
  • 2. Nutrient deficiencies: Also, bamboo can turn yellow due to a lack of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, iron, or magnesium.
  • 3. Overwatering: if you’re overwatering your bamboo, you have to know can lead to root rot which will make the plant turn yellow, to avoid that, you need to water it two times a week.
  • 4. Underwatering: There are some lucky bamboo plants that can grow in the water, while others do not. If you have the ones that grow only in the water then you need to change the water 3 times a month, and if you have the plants that grow in the soil then you need to water them regularly because they require consistent moisture to thrive and get ride of yellow
  • 5. Soil pH: It prefers slightly acidic soil, so if the soil that you use is highly acidic, then it will not let your plant absorb the nutrients properly, which will make it turn yellow.
  • 6. Pest infestations: If you are living in a place where there are insects such as bamboo mites, spider mites, or mealybugs, then this is the reason why they turned yellow because these pests suck the sap from the plant.
  • 7. Fungal infections: Fungal diseases such as Fusarium wilt or root rot will make your bamboo turn yellow, and the reason why this disease is when you overwater or have poor soil drainage.
  • 8. Poor-quality water: If you use tap water, this also will make your lucky bamboo turn yellow because tap water contains chlorine and fluoride. Try to water them with bottled water or filtered. This will make it get rid of yellow and keep it healthy.
  • 9. Age: Aso, when bamboo leaves turned yellow they may be a growth cycle is the reason, and it is normal for bamboo leaves to turn yellow because new leaves should replace the old ones.
  • 10. Genetics: Also, even if you do your best to care for your lucky bamboo to keep it away from turning yellow, it will turn yellow because there are some species that have yellow leaves as part of their natural coloration. But if you don’t make sure of this is its colors then we recommend you to search for the specific species of bamboo you are growing to know more about it.

How to Treat Yellow Bamboo?

Lucky bamboo

There are too many reasons that will make your bamboo turn yellow. If you don’t know which factors make your plants turn yellow then I recommend you follow my guide to treat yellow bamboo. But before you do that, you need to identify the cause by checking the soil, the leaves, and the environment around the plant for signs of stress, pests, or disease, You might find the reasons for that. If you don’t find that, then do the step below.

  • 1. Prune Your Bamboo Plant: Check for any yellow parts on the plants and remove them carefully by using scissors. When you remove all dead parts you will make your plants lightweight which will make them regain their strength and grow again.
  • 2. Grow Your Bamboo Plant in another place: If you grow it in a place where is no sunlight, this will be the reason why the leaves turned yellow, you need to move it to a place where there is sunlight, The sunlight will help your plant grow in good health and also it will kill bamboo mites or spider mites, etc that eat it.
  • 3. Change the Soil: If you grow your lucky bamboo in the bowl, then you need to change the soil, this will give the roots new life.
  • 4. Trim the Yellow Stem: When you see some leaves start getting yellow, you need to cut them from the plane to not spread, so that, you will prevent the infection from spreading in a plant.

Just follow these tips then you will see what will happen, these tips are from our experience. You will protect your bamboo plants from turning yellow and keep them alive for a long time.

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