Following yesterday’s announcement that Byron Mallott will join Bill Walker on his no-party ticket, Governor Parnell handed down a series of attacks on Bill’s values and party affiliation. Bill Walker responded:

“This campaign season has been riddled with divisive politics pitting neighbors, friends, and family members against one another. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent filling our airwaves, mailboxes, front yards, and back bumpers with messages that all too often attack and wound for the sake of these partisan battles.

Alaskans have had enough of this bickering. We need to heal relationships that have been damaged this election cycle. It is time to set aside these differences, find our common ground, and build upon it to grow a strong, united Alaska.”

Walker spokesperson Lindsay Hobson noted: “Not only are these attacks unfounded, but they serve as a distraction from the real issues facing Alaska. Partisan attacks have no place in the Walker/Mallott campaign or in their future administration. These non-partisan candidates remain focused on resolving the critical issues facing Alaskans. “