How to Wash Bamboo Socks Step-by-Step

How to Wash Bamboo Socks
Bamboo Socks

When your bamboo socks become dirty and need to wash, it’s important to know the correct method for washing them because they are not like normal socks, bamboo socks can be damaged if not washed properly, especially during the first wash. Therefore, it’s essential to learn the appropriate washing method to ensure they remain in good condition.

But no worries about that, we can help you to wash them in the right way and keep them safe from any problem. This method that I’m going to share with you will work for bamboo socks for men, bamboo socks for women, and bamboo socks for kids. Let’s see how to do that step by step.

Notice: Please before you do any step to wash them we highly recommend checking the care label for specific washing instructions because there are some socks that can be washed in the washing machine and others by hand. But we are going to give you these two methods, you just need to check which methods will suit your bamboo socks.

How to Wash Bamboo Socks In the Washing Machine.

After you check your bamboo socks is can be washed in the machine, then start following these steps step-by-step to wash the in the right way.

  • 1-Sort the socks: First thing you need to do is to separate the socks from other clothes that have zippers, hooks, or rough materials, and then also sort them by color to prevent bleeding or color transfer. This is an important thing you need to do to not damage them or lose their color.
  • 2-Pre-Treat Stains: Before putting them in the washing machine, check first if there are some stains that are difficult to remove with the washing machine, you need to pre-treat them with a stain remover as this will help ensure that they are completely removed during the washing process, which will prevent any stains from settling in the bamboo socks.
  • 3-Use Cold Water: In your washing machine setting, you need to set cold water for washing them because cold water is gentler on the fabric and helps to preserve their natural softness and moisture-wicking properties. And never use hot water because you will damage them fast and will lose their benefits.
  • 4-Use a Gentle Cycle: Also this is an important thing you need to do before you start your machine, You need to select a gentle cycle to prevent damage to the socks’ delicate fibers, and also, Some machine has a delicate cycle, if you have it also then you can set it.
  • 5-Use a mild detergent: Use a mild detergent that is free of harsh chemicals and additives that can damage the socks. And also avoid using fabric softeners.
  • 6-Start Your Machine: After you do all these steps then start your machi to wash them.
  • 7-Hang to dry: After the cycle is complete, you need to hang them outside in a well-ventilated area to dry well, and don’t use a dryer because its high heat can damage and cause shrinking them.

It’s very easy to wash them in the machine right? they are easier than other normal socks. Now if you have some bamboo socks that are not washed by machine save then let us give you the easy way to do that.

How to dry Bamboo Socks
How to Dry Bamboo Socks

How to Wash Bamboo Socks By Hands?

Washing them by hand, it’s very easy to do and also it will keep them last as long time as possible, so to wash them in the right way let’s see below an easy method.

  • 1Fill a Clean Basin With Cool to Lukewarm Water: remember to fill it with water that is not too hot or too cold.
  • 2-Add a Gentle Detergent or Soap to The Water: Bring a special bamboo sock cleaner that is designed to clean and care for the fabric, but if you don’t have this kind of soap you can use also detergent or soap that is gentle and mild.
  • 3-Soak the socks in soapy water: When the mixture is ready, Soak them for a few minutes in this mixture to loosen any dirt or debris that has accumulated on them.
  • 4-Scrub The socks: After soaking time, then use your hand to scrub them carefully, also if you see some stans that are hard to remove then you can put the stain remover on them and scrub them.
  • 5-Rinse the socks: After you see all dirt and stains are removed, then use cold water to rinse them well to remove all soap on them.
  • 6-Squeeze Your Bamboo Sock: Use your hands to squeeze your sock to remove all water, but do that carefully, and don’t compress much because it might damage them.
  • 7-Air dry the socks: Finally, after you remove all the water on them, then take them outside and lay them flat on a clean surface or hang them up to dry well.

By following these 7 easy steps you will keep your bamboo socks last for you and do their job for you. Also, this method will work for any products made from bamboo such as Bamboo Pajamas, Bamboo Muslins, Bamboo Paper Towels, etc. we have also made a review about how to wash bamboo blankets, you can check that if you are looking for how to clean your blankets.

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