How to Wash Bamboo Blankets

How to Wash Bamboo Blankets
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Bamboo blankets are sensitive to high temperatures, so you need to wash them carefully with taking the necessary measures to avoid any damage. We are experts in that, so you will find a solution for that here in an easy way and clean your blanket carefully. We are experts in how to clean bamboo accessories and we know how to handle them, so keep reading to know how to do that.

Everyone knows the best bamboo blanket is softer, more breathable, more sustainable, and more durable than other cotton blankets, but some don’t know how to take care of them in order to benefit from all this and prolong the life of the blanket long as possible.

They are very completely different from other blankets that are made from fabric in how to wash them, but it’s not that hard to wash. So let’s see how can do that in the right way.

Tips For Washing Bamboo Blankets?

There are two methods to wash your bamboo blankets, and they are both of them easy to do. This method is mainly way, like washing it in a bathtub with your hands. and another method is in the washing machine. Let’s see how to do that step by step to protect your blanket from any damage.

1-Manual Washing

This method it will take you a few times, but there is no problem with that when it comes to something important in our life. follow the steps below.

  • 1-If you have a bathtub or a large sink at home, fill it with cool to lukewarm water.
  • 2-If you have mild detergent, for example, that one you use for your clothes, then add it to the water and mix it well until foam is created.
  • 3-Bring your bamboo blanket and put in that mixture and start gently swishing it around for a few minutes.
  • 4-After you see it clean, then drain the mixture and refill the tub with clean water to rinse the blanket, swish it until the soap around it is removed, if the water is not enough to remove the soap, try again to refill the tub with clean water and gently swish it again.
  • 5-Next, gently squeeze out the excess water from the blanket using your hands but do not wring it much because it can be easily cut.
  • 6-choice a sunny location and hang it on a clothesline or lay it flat on a clean surface to air dry.

Please notice to avoid these things below if you prefer to wash them manually.

  • Avoid Using hot water.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents
  • Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the blanket vigorously.
  • Avoid Wringing and twisting it.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

Just avoid this thing things and your bamboo blanket will last for your long time as possible. Also, avoid them too if you want to wash it in the washing machine.

2-Machine Washing

Washing in the machine it’s a very easy process too, but you need to avoid a few things because the machine is more likely to damage it. Here is what you need to do, but please, before you follow this step please, check the care label on your bamboo blanket to ensure that it is safe to machine wash.

  • 1-Bring your blanket and place it in the washing machine and add a mild detergent, you can use cloths soap. And avoid using fabric softeners or bleach because they can damage the fibers of your blanket.
  • 2-In your wash machine, setting select a gentle cycle and use cool water.
  • 3-Once the cycle is complete, Remove it from the machine and gently squeeze on it to extract as much water as possible.
  • 4- Hang it on a clothesline or lay it flat on a clean surface to air dry.

It’s easy to do that right? This method can be worked with any kind of blanket you have such as Cotton blankets, Linen blankets, Wool blankets, And silk blankets. Just avoid using the high temperature and wash them in cold water at 30C or 86F max to keep them safe for you and give you enough warm, cold, smooth, deep sleep, and all the things you want. Also, our team recommends if you have bamboo socks then you need to check our article about how to wash bamboo socks, and also how to wash bamboo paper towels for getting the best details

Can I Soak May Bamboo Blanket

If your bamboo blanket contains dirty stains that are difficult to remove even if you wash it in the machine or manually you can soak it for 10-15 minutes in a mixture of cold water with a mild detergent or fabric softener if desired. To soak it, it’s a very good idea to remove any hard dirt.

How Long Can Bamboo Blanket Last?

With proper care and maintenance, your bamboo blankets can last for several years, there are some species that can last more than 10 years if it’s well taken care of.

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