Top 10 Bamboo Toys For Children of all ages

To make your children, your friend’s children, or any children in your life very happy, surprise them with these bamboo toys. Infants and babies dream of having beautiful toys that can make them happy and active, and this is exactly what we need in our lives. The smiles of our children make us forget all of our worries.

These bamboo toys that I will share with you in this article are for kids who have 1 year to 9 years. I’m going to share with you some perfect toys with different shapes and forms, including blocks, puzzles, dolls, cars, and more. They can be colored or left natural and can be designed for children of all ages. so let’s see them

Top List Of Bamboo Toy For Children

Best Bamboo Toys
Bamboo Toys

Here is what we pick for your children, I believe that will love these toys to be as gifts for them on their birthday, special day, Christmas, holiday, etc. They are all of them made from bamboo with some other material, but they are not harmful, bamboo is eco-friendly and grows without any chemicals, so that means is good for your children to play with these toys without any problem. also if you have a newborn then you need to have these bamboo muslins to give them enough comfortable while playing with their toys. and this bamboo baby bowl will make him train how to eat.

We give the best factors to our users to make them select the right bamboo toys for their children, so let’s see what you need to know before choosing the toys that you want for your kids.


Your children’s safety is an important factor you need to consider first, so you need to look for a toy that has been tested and certified by reputable safety organizations, such as ASTM International or the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), When these organizations give a safety certification to the manufacturers that means that the toy has been tested and found to meet these standards, In that, you will not expose your children to danger.

2-Age Appropriateness

If you don’t know which kinds of bamboo toys you want to purchase for your babes then consider this factor too, here is what you need to know, you need to choose a toy that suits your children’s age, for example, Younger children may be more attracted to bright colors and simple shapes, while older children may enjoy more complex toys that challenge their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Now you will have an idea of which type of toys you will get for your children.


Children when they grow they have the power to move and throw all things around them, so if you purchase for them low-quality toys then you have to know they will not last with them more than 10 days, so look for toys that are made from the high-quality material if you want them to last with them a long time as possible.

I suggest toys made of bamboo because are made to last, so they can withstand the wear and tear of playtime.


You need to look for toys that are made from environmental materials and are not harmful to nature. I have suggested these bamboo toys because bamboo it’s fast-growing grass and can be harvested without causing damage to the environment.


There are too many different bamboo toys with different functionality, so you need to choose toys that align with your child’s interests and abilities. please Consider what your child likes to do and choose toys that will engage and challenge them.


This factor I highly recommend it, why? because even if you consider all these factors that I share with you, you still need to read about customer reviews because reviews can provide information on any potential issues with the toy, such as parts that break easily or safety concerns.

This is what you need to consider if you want the right bamboo toys for your children, let’s make reviews about them one by one to have more idea about which one is the best for your kids.

1- 2-in-1 Wooden Balance Bike and Tricycle

Your kids who have 1year old can start learning to ride and drive a bicycle with this cute tricycle, it comes in a perfect design and the 2 wheels on the end allow your kids to learn how to ride bicycles fast. When your kids learn how to ride they can easily convert it from 3 wheels to 2 wheels. so that means this bicycle will grow with your children and learn to them to drive in an easy way.

For your children’s comfort, this tricycle comes with airless tires and cushioned washable seat, so it means your kids will as they drive a real bicycle.

while traveling with your kids, you can carry it with you because it comes with disassembled design, so your kid will enjoy riding a bicycle everywhere they go.

2-Bamboo Alphabet

This bamboo alphabet toy is an important toy for your children because it will allow them to learn the alphabet from A to Z quickly and how to write, read, and arrange them.

They are made carefully and all edges on each letter are soft so that little hands can enjoy them, also, they come in small sizes of 3 inches tall and 0.75 inches thick, this simple size makes it to store in any small storage and collect it in one place to not lose them.

3-E5569 Hide-And-Seek Periscope Made From Bamboo

While going camping in nature with your kids then you need to have some bamboo toys to make their day very happy such as this periscope, this periscope will make them explore nature and see what is around them.

To create more fun for your kids, you as a father/mother you can play with them too by letting them go hide behind the trees and then start searching for them.

This periscope is made from sustainable bamboo and Green PE makes it not harmful to your kids and nature. also, these materials make it lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack where ever you go.

4-Kotaro Pro Bamboo Kendama Toy with Extra String

When kids start growing, then they need something to make them know how to balance their mind and body that’s why I chose this bamboo Kendama toy because it will help them with that.

It comes in lightweight which is 4 ounces, this simple weight allows children who have up to 5 years. In my opinion, this toy adults and older can play with it because there isn’t something make it to for kids only. so you as a father you can play with your kids too.

This bamboo kendama toy comes in form of a hammer with a smooth grip, and it comes with a ball held together with a string to protect you from collisions with the ball while playing, and the right way your kids can play it is to toss the ball up into the air with enough force to make it bounce off one of the cups or the spike in the Kendama.

5-Bamboo Nesting Bear, Building and Stacking Blocks

This bamboo toy is designed to help your kids develop their skills by building it in the shape of a bear. It comes in pieces that will challenge your kids to coordinate their hands, eyes, and minds simultaneously, improving their dexterity and cognitive abilities.

It is not available only in one shape of an animal, but it is available with 4 different animals which are bear, bird, hedgehog, and snail. Just know which your favorite animal for your babes and chose it, but you should know first these toys are for kids who have above 18 months.

The size of this toy is only 6.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch, and its weight is only 8 Ounces, with this simple size and weight your babes can enjoy playing with it anywhere they want outdoors and indoors.

6-Balance Disk – Round

This is another good bamboo toy for learning how to balance, your children, and adults can try to learn how to catch balance by standing on this bamboo disk. It will help them a lot to strengthen their legs.

You are also as father/mother if you love to do yoga, you can use it too because the limit weight is 300 pounds and its full dimension is 15.75 x 15.75 x 2.75 inches, If you like yoga and you are looking for some pants for yoga, so you’re lucky because we have shared best bamboo yoga pants, you can check that.

7-Bamboo Sensory Toy Musical Instrument for Kids and Adults

If your kids and adults love soothing music then you should have this bamboo sensory tow with a soothing sound. when your kids start to move this toy then it starts making sounds like the sound of rain which are amazing sound for everyone.

This rain shaker is made from high-quality premium bamboo, which is very smooth to the touch and perfect for your child’s hands. Additionally, bamboo is an exceptionally strong material, making this air shaker very sturdy and resistant to unintentional damage

8-Bamboo & Plant Plastic Detective Playset

Make your children turn into skilled explorers when visiting nature with this toy, or rather the means of exploration, which makes them explore what he wants.

This nature fun detective set comes with a 1 x 2-toned whistle and 1 x 4x magnifying glass, your kid can use this magnifying glass to take a gander into the soil, leaves, etc to see what’s in there, and when he found something he can use this toned to alert his friends in order to explore what he has discovered.

All these materials are made from bamboo material and Green PE makes this tool eco-friendly.

9-E5568 Adjustable Telescope Made From Bamboo

If you are looking for a small telescope for your kids then see this one, it comes in small sizes and shapes making it the perfect choice for kids who want to see animals, birds, nature, etc, around them.

this telescope is multiplier 8x, so your kids can see anything that is far from them clearly. This telescope is recommended for kids who have above 5 years.

Here is a quick description of this bamboo telescope, it comes at 5.9 x 2 x 5.9 inches in full dimension and its weight is very lightweight which is 0.005 ounces, and its objective lens diameter is 80 Millimeters. You can check in amazon market for more details.

10-Bamboo Stick – Dog Chew Toy

Also, pets need bamboo toys because it likes our children too, so if you have a dog this will be a nice gift for its birthday, you will make him proud of you if you do something that makes him active.

This bamboo stick is designed for heavy and aggressive chewers and is made from bamboo fibers that enable your dog to train and clean its teeth. Unlike real beef or pork bones, these sticks are very sturdy and cannot be easily broken even if your dog tries its best.

When your dog starts chewing this bamboo stick it will give him chicken flavored which will make your dog love this gift from you and he will love to enjoy his time with it.

11-Bamboo Dragonfly Toy

This is the last bamboo toy that we test wit my team, and we see it has something very nice to make your kids fun and play with it all the time, this bamboo dragonfly toy is an Asian toy and they call it also Chinese dragonfly or the magic dragonfly, they give this name to it because toy consists of a stick or rod made of bamboo or another lightweight material, with a small propeller attached to the top. When the stick is spun rapidly between the palms of the hands, the propeller spins and creates the illusion of a flying dragonfly.

This toy is easy to play with it, any kid who has above 4 years can play with it and enjoy his time.

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