Top 4 Best Bamboo Sushi Mats for Homemade Rolls

bamboo sushi mat
bamboo sushi mat

Bamboo sushi mats are a popular kitchen tool used to make sushi rolls. they are typically made from thin strips of bamboo woven together to form a flat, flexible surface. With a little practice, anyone can use it to create perfectly rolled sushi every time. The perplexity lies in their intricate design and the delicate balance required to achieve the ideal sushi roll. On the other hand, their burstiness can be observed in the variety of techniques and ingredients that can be used to make sushi rolls with a bamboo mat.

Whether you’re a sushi-making novice or an experienced chef, using it is an essential tool for creating delicious and visually stunning sushi rolls. to make your work more professional as a chef, we will share with you the best bamboo sushi mat that will make the process of creating sushi much easier and enjoyable.

Best List Of bamboo Sushi Mats:

We select the best on amazon, and all of them are made from bamboo as you are searching for, some of them come with all tools that will help you to create flawless sushi.

Factors That Will Make Find the right sushi mat.

We are your guide today to show you the best bamboo sushi mat, and also we are going to give you some important factors that you need to consider while looking for a perfect mat.

Quality of materials:

W recommend you consider these factors for getting the best mat that is made from high-quality material, you need to find it made from high-quality, natural bamboo strips that are tightly woven together. when you find it is made from that, you should know it will last with you for a long time as possible and it will withstand the pressure that comes from rolling sushi.


If you are new to searching best bamboo sushi mat, then you need to find one that comes with utensils such as triangle, nigiri, gunkan sushi rice mold, Chopsticks, etc. But remember, it will be more expensive, if you see are expensive for you then you need to search mat that didn’t come with its utensils, and their price will be very cheap.

We have thing about this factor and we have shared with you these two kinds, so just see if it will suit your budget or not.

Mat size:

You need to look at the size of the mat you want, for example, if you are more than 3 people at home then you need to consider the large size, and if you are only 1 or 2 at home then the right size for you is a small mat. But also, if you want to make your sushi from many different ingredients then you need to look for the large size because it will be easy for you to roll it, and if you use a small mat will be difficult to roll the sushi properly and can result in unevenly shaped sushi rolls.

Mat binding:

I have tested many different bamboo mats and all of them are made from bamboo sticks and are tied together with cotton or nylon thread, I have searched more about these threads if they are free-toxics or not, then I found them it’s. So you need to find it made from this thread because there are other bamboo mats made from cheap thread and they are toxic, not only that but the mat can fall apart completely from first use.

When you find it is tied with these threads, you have to know it will last for a long time too and strips won’t come apart during use.

Rice Spreader:

For placing rice on the mat equally, you need to have a spreader for the rice, check if the mat that you want comes with it or not, and if didn’t come with it then you can purchase them separately.

It’s better to find one made from bamboo like this mat for getting a complete group. and it is better to find it comes with a large capacity for spreading the rice easily and fast.


Also, you need to find a mat that is well-made and can withstand frequent use without breaking or warping. But if you find it is well-made you still have to know how to care for it and how to clean it, so if you want it to be durable for you, you need to check our guide about how to clean bamboo sushi mats.

What Makes Bamboo Sushi Mats Superior to Wooden or Plastic Mats?

bamboo is the best material to have in your sushi mats because is non-toxic and is a popular material for making kitchen accessories. In the market, there are too many different sushi mats made from many different materials such as wood, bamboo, plastic, etc. And our best material is bamboo, let’s see why is the best than others.

  • Eco-friendly: Bamboo is eco-friendly which is a great choice to make sushi mats, And manufacturers can make them from bamboo without being harmful to nature because bamboo is fast growing.
  • Non-toxic: Bamboo is non-toxic, unlike to plastic mats that can degrade in food over time and harm your health. So sushi mat that is made from bamboo safer and healthier option for sushi-making.
  • Texture: Bamboo sushi mats have a natural texture that helps to grip the nori sheet and prevent it from slipping during the rolling process. This can help to create a tighter and more even roll.
  • Easy to clean: All mats that are made from bamboo are easy to clean and maintain, while wooden mats can absorb water and become warped, and plastic mats can be difficult to clean and may retain odors.

There are too many points that make bamboo materials better than these other materials, now it’s time to make reviews about the products that I have shared with you above to give you a clear vision of them and let you find the right choice for your kitchen.

best bamboo sushi mats
Best bamboo sushi mats

1-Best Delamu Sushi Making Kit:

If you are looking for a mata that comes with all kits that you will need to roll sushi in the right way even if you are a beginner with that, then our team recommends this delamu sushi kit. It comes will all kits you will need.

Its feature is 2 bamboo mats, these two mats will suit your family and it’s good to have them because if you have a member who wants to learn how to roll sushi then you can show him that, he can work on one and you too also. What’s more, It comes also with one triangle sushi maker, this triangle will allow you to create another different sushi shape, by this you will not roll sushi in the form of a normal way. It comes also with one nigiri sushi maker, and it will help you to organize sushi ingredients.

What’s more? it comes also with gunkan sushi mold, which will allow you to create and protect the ingredients from slipping down while rolling sushi because you place all ingredients inside it to organize them then you put them inside the sushi, that means if you don’t know to place the ingredients in the sushi this gunkan will help you with that.

It comes also with a sushi knife and avocado knife for easy cutting sushi and avocado to the size that you want. and it contain also oil brush allowing you to oil sushi in the right way before you place the ingredients. For Eating your sushi as Japanese people, this bamboo sushi mat comes with five pairs of chopsticks, and chopsticks holders, if you don’t how to use these chopsticks then I recommend reading our guide about how to use bamboo chopsticks.

Finally, it comes also with two sauce dishes, one spreader, and one rice paddle. All these tools will remove all the hard work that comes from making sushi in a good way.

  • Pros: It comes with crucial tools for making sushi in an easy way. All these tools are non-stick. The sushi bazooka maker will help you so much to roll rice easily.
  • Cons: Expensive.

2-Green Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat Set

If you have all kit that makes you roll sushi in an easy way then you can have this mat, it is made from green bamboo and didn’t come with kits, but it will add good decor to your kitchen, and also it will give you a nice experience to roll sushi.

You will create a large sushi with this mat because its size is 9.5 inches X 9.5 inches, this size will fit a family that has less than 4 people. The way these bamboo sticks are tied to each other with cotton thread in a professional way. It has tied with 4 cotton threads which makes it withstand wear and tear.

The price of these mats is only $15, and with each purchase, you will receive six mats that will enable you to roll a lot of sushi.

  • Pros: Made very well from green bamboo which will add elegant decor to your home. tied with 4 cotton threads make it durable and withstand the roll.
  • Cons: None

3-Best Bamboo Sushi Mat

This set comes with a kit like the first products above, but this one comes with less number of kits, it comes only with important kits which are two rolling mats, one rice spreader, one rice paddle, and five pairs of chopsticks. this set comes with amazing design and colors, its colors it’s golden make it very stylish.

The chopsticks are well-made and very smooth to grip. The rice spreader has a smooth surface, making it easy to spread rice on sushi, and it also comes with a hook at the bottom, allowing it to be hung with other utensils.

Now let’s give you the size of these kits, the mat comes 9.5 inches X 9 inches, and the chopstick is 9 inches tall, they are like mats, and the rice paddle comes in 7 inches, its that much larger but it is not important because it will do its job very well, and the rice spreader is 9 inches,

  • Pros: Made from high-quality bamboo sticks. Ingredients will not stick to it.
  • Cons: Some people say the odor that comes with is strong.

4-Bamboo Sushi Natural 2 pc Mats

It’s just another mat with kits, but this one is a little cheap than the others that I share with you already, it is made from high-quality bamboo sticks, and they are a little thick which are more strong than the one I share with you above.

It comes light in weight which is only 3.2 ounces when you buy it, you will get 2 pieces of this strong mat, and you will not be scared to be broken or damaged while rolling because due to the cotton thread, they help also made to withstand the hard work.

The bamboo sticks used for sushi rolling are designed differently from others. They are shaped like a pen, which allows them to roll the sushi evenly from all sides without causing any damage or changes to its shape.

  • Pros: The bamboo sticks are a little thick. Very solid mat.
  • Cons: We don’t find any cons.


This is the last part of this article, this is the last thing you need to read to complete what you need to understand about bamboo sushi mats, here, I’m going to give some crucial questions that you might ask them about this mat, I will do my best to answer them. let’s see that.

Can I Make Sushi Without Bamboo Mats?

Yes, you can make sushi without a bamboo mat if you don’t have a mat, here is what you need to do is prepare the ingredients that you want to use in your sushi and place a sheet of nori (dried seaweed) on a clean work surface, with the shiny side facing down, then start pacing the ingredients on it, and then use your fingers to gently lift the bottom edge of the nori and roll it up over the filling, pressing down gently to make a tight roll. By that, you will make sushi without a mat.

Can I wash a Bamboo Sushi Mat?

Yes, you need to wash it each time you use it to keep it clean and prevent the growth of bacteria and bad odors.

How to keep Rice From Sticking to The Sushi Mat?

If you want to keep rice from Sticking in your mats that’s very easy, there are five ways to do that, you can choose the one that will suit you and you see is easy to use, wet the sushi mat, use plastic wrap, Spread the rice evenly, or don’t press too hard while rolling sushi.

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