7 Best Bamboo Muslins for Eco-Conscious Parents

Your baby’s comfort is of utmost importance. You need to provide them with the comfort they need while sleeping or playing. So bamboo muslins are the best option for providing your baby with comfort. They are soft and comfortable, softer than cotton. From my experience, and testing many different accessories that are made from bamboo fibers such as these bamboo pants, bamboo pajamas for kids, and bamboo socks. I have found also these muslins are made from that too which is great for providing them enough warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Additionally, these bamboo muslins are naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, which helps keep your baby cool and dry by drawing moisture away from their skin.

We have tested so many different muslins made from high-quality bamboo fabric, and I’m going to share them with you below, check that for your sweetheart.

Our Quick-Pick For The Best Bamboo Muslins

This is our best list based on our test with my team, they are all of them made from bamboo fibers which are eco-friendly and are not harmful to your baby. But now choosing the suit one for your baby can be difficult, but no worry about that, we can help you with that too to find the right choice. let’s see what you need to consider.

best bamboo muslins

What to Consider for Getting the Best Bamboo Muslin

Our professional team recommended following the factors below before you take any steps to purchase what you need for your baby.

Muslins Size:

If you want to choose some bamboo muslin from our list for other places, then you need to consider this size that will fit your baby for more comfort.

There are too many different blankets with different sizes, so it’s better to choose the large size than your baby because even if your baby is growing, then the muslins you buy for them will still fit them.


These products that I share with you above are all of them made from 100%bamboo material, I just share with you this factor if you want to buy them from other places.

So please find the ones that are completely made from bamboo, as this will be the softest and most breathable option for your baby. There are some species that may be blended with other materials, so be sure to check the label before purchasing to get the right choice.


Think first to know which kind you want to have for your baby because some of them are thickness and thicker. For example, the muslin thickness can make a difference. A thinner muslin may be more breathable and lightweight, while a thicker muslin may provide more warmth and durability.

It’s hard for me to recommend which species you need to have because there are some people who need it to be thick, while others need it to be thicker, so please find the one according to preferences and needs.

Chemicals and Dyes:

Babies are attracted to colors and cartons graphic, so find the one that has the favorite cartons and colors for your babies, but remember, some of them may contain chemicals or dyes that can be harmful to your baby’s delicate skin. so please look for a muslin that is free from harmful chemicals and has natural, non-toxic dyes.

Consider all these factors for getting the best bamboo muslins for your baby, so to help you more with your choice, let’s make reviews about these products one by one to know more about which one can suit your baby.

1-Soft Bamboo Viscose Baby Blanket Crib Bedding for Newborn Baby

If you waiting for a newborn of you had newborn, then you need to have this bamboo viscose baby blanket, it is a very soft blanket, and it is made from 4 layers of bamboo viscose making it comfortable for newborns.

You will not be afraid that your baby get sick due to overheating, because this muslin will help to ventilate, as it is breathable and keep them dry.

It is a very large muslin, it comes in a size 47″x47″, it is a large size for baby which are good for many activities such as nap time, playtime, stroller time, and tummy time. With this large size, you will not need to change this muslin for getting a new one while your baby is growing, because it will this size will still fit him.

It comes with a handmade design with vibrant colors making it perfect for suiting your baby’s room. They say the mind of the mom and all their favorites will be with their babies, so check for your favorite design because your baby will love it too.

2-Silky Soft Swaddle Bamboo Blanket

This product has the same info as this product above, but there is one difference this is the layers, this silky soft swaddle bamboo blanket comes only with one layer of bamboo viscose, but it still gives enough soft and comfortable.

The nice thing about this bamboo muslin is can last with your baby until he/she reaches 4 years or more, and it will never lose its softness because bamboo fibers are durable.

There is no more material added to this muslin, it is made only from bamboo which that’s great for making it last as a long time as possible even if you use it for many other activities.

The nice thing about this bamboo blanket is can be used for all seasons, and it will keep your baby dry, cold, and warm.

3-Soft Breathable Bamboo Unisex Swaddling Blankets Set

This is another great bamboo muslin, it is made from the softest organic bamboo, and its price t a little expensive which is 34$, but that is okay because your baby’s comfort it’s important, you will buy it only once time, then will suit your baby size until he/she reaches 6 yeas, You have to know also this price that you spent, you will get a hat and 3 different muslins and one with different handmade design, includes heart design, bamboo leaves design and normal design in form of the points.

When you get this type, you will get 30 days to try and see if it’s comfortable for your baby, and I if you have any questions about it just send an email to the manufacturer then you will get a fast answer and if you want to return it, it’s okay too. When I find any brand saying that, There is one thing that you need to know this product is very good and made with high-quality material.

4-Soft Bamboo Cotton Baby Swaddle Blankets Unisex for Boys & Girls

If you are looking for one that is mixed with a bamboo fabric and cotton, then I recommend this soft bamboo cotton baby swaddle muslin. it is made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, all these materials are very soft and don’t shrink or curl up on the thick skin of your baby.

They mix the bamboo fabric with cotton to make this muslin last for a long time because bamboo improves softness and breathability, and the cotton will maintain durability. and the size of it it’s large which is good for swaddling and easy to swaddle your baby.

5-Upsimples Baby Swaddle Blanket

This Upsimples It’s a famous brand and it has more than 17k sales, which means this brand has something very nice that makes people buy their muslin from it. she also are making muslin from two different environmental materials which are bamboo and cotton.

You will get 4 different muslin, and each one of them comes with a nice design that is stars, nature with animals, giraffes, and dinosaurs. all these designs will make your baby’s room very stylish.

The great thing about this Upsimples baby swaddles blanket is machine washable without losing its quality, which means your baby will get enough comfort during his growing.

6-Bamboo Muslin with Scandinavian Hand-Drawn

If you are looking for muslin swaddle blankets for girls then I recommend this one, it is made to be only for girls due to its color and design, your baby girl will love it some much. also, it’s enough large to allow your baby girly to enjoy rolling and sleeping on it comfortably and many other activities you want to use it for them.

while your baby girl sleeps on it oy you swindle it, she will sleep well as an angel, and she will feel comfortable with it because it is made only from bamboo fibers.

7-Simple Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blanket

For the people who look for bamboo muslins that are made from bamboo, I recommend this simple muslin because it is made only from bamboo, also if you are looking for a cheap one but is made from high-quality material bamboo, then you should get this one because It’s priced at only $6, but it can fulfill all the necessary requirements for your baby

while your sweetheart is getting enough comfortable with this muslin, then you can get for them some other bamboo accessories such as bamboo toys. We have made a review for that, you can check it to know more if you want.

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