TOP 5 Bamboo Blankets For Your Comfort

best bamboo blankets
bamboo blankets for your comfort

Do you suffer from not getting completely comfortable with your old blanket when sleeping or sweating a lot, which makes you wake up many times at night? Or are you looking for new blankets and an environment?

Okey in this article we have what you are looking for, bamboo blankest is a good blanket for the environment and comfort, it is like other blankets made of Organic Cotton, Wool, Hemp, and Recycled.

Welcome to our best category niche, in there, we give our customers the best products that we test and compared them, Let’s see our choice of the best bamboo blankets below.

Here are Our TOP 5 Bamboo Blankets That we Test by Ourselves

We have tested these products in Softness, Padding, Breathability, Durability, and Size. All of them have these factors that anyone needs. With my team we have tested many different types of this bamboo blankets and we compare them, Do you know how long this blanket can take of time to test, it takes 4 days and then finally, we found the best for you.

Before we go to make reviews about them, let’s know more about what they will give you if you buy one. Okay, bamboo blankets are made from bamboo fibers, which are derived from the pulp of bamboo plants. I know that you are asking how they make blankets from bamboo because bamboo it’s grass. Here is what they do, they processed bamboo plants to extract the cellulose and spun it into yarn, and woven it into the fabric to make a comfortable blanket.

So for the people who prefer to sleep in luxurious bedding, this blanket is for you because is like cashmere or silk. Also if you are suffering from allergies or sensitive skin, these bamboo blankets are naturally hypoallergenic.

The great thing that I see about these bamboo blankets is temperature regulation, You can use them in all seasons and they will regulate your body temperature and keep you cool and dry throughout the night. And also moisture-wicking.

To know more about the product that you choose from our list then let’s make reviews about them one by one.

1-Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Bamboo Cover

This blanket is made from two high-quality different environmental materials which are cotton and bamboo, but they are not in one blanket, If you purchase this pack you will get two pieces which are a bamboo cover and a blanket cotton, the manufacturer thinks about giving two pieces because you can use a cotton blanket on the winter time and bamboo cover you can use it in all the year.

The brand that made this blanket is named GNO, The nice thing that I see in this GNO brand is comes with a new technologic for their customer comfort, which is the blanket with 7 layers & glass beads for the best sleep which is natural bamboo duvet cover, hotel-grade organic 400TC Cotton, breathable lightweight fabric, Premium micro glass beads, durable swing technology, and even weight distribution. With all this material you will find enough comfortable you need because are breathable and super silky soft.

The size of this bamboo blanket is 48”x72”, this size it’s for adults and older, and it is not that heavy weight too even has 7 layers, the weight of it is only 12LBS. If this is not your size, then it’s okay about that because it comes in 11 different sizes from 48”x72” to 80”x89”. I believe you will get the size that you want.

The manufacturer says “if you get any problem with their product, all you need to do is just send to their email and say I need my money back with any questions from them” This manufacturer made high-quality sheets not only bamboo blankets, so they know you will not get any problem with their products.

  • Pros: It’s for all seasons. Lightweight blanket. Machine wash. Hypoallergenic blankect.
  • Cons: It cost 100$ which is expensive.

2-Bamboo Weighted Blanket

This blanket is 100% breathable natural bamboo fabric which will give you smooth and comfortable sleep even if you sleep only with your underwear.

It is not only made from bamboo but the inner of this blanket is also made with ultra-soft cotton compartments which make it not only for sleep time, You can use it while sitting on your couch reading a book or watching Tv. In the wintertime that’s what we need actually to get enough warm.

All these materials that use to make this blanket are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless because it’s natural materials

There are some people who get deep sleep, but when they move, their blanket makes a sound caused by rubbing which makes them get up. If you are suffering from that too so the solution is with this bamboo weighted blanket, why? Okay, here is why, the beads on this blanket do not make noise even if you move more.

It comes also in five different colors including Folkstone Grey, Pink, Light Brown, Lake Green, and Grey to suit your home decor and bed. Also, it comes in 12 different sizes and weights that can suit anyone on this earth.

  • Pros: It has bamboo breathable smart fabric that compensates for the humidity. The beads do not make noise while moving. hypoallergenic.
  • Cons: None.

3-100% Bamboo Blankets for Hot Sleepers Night Sweats

Sleeping in the summertime is very difficult even if you sleep without clothes you will get hot sweats and you will not sleep well, If you don’t find a solution to that I can help you to find the solution to that. Here is the solution, you can have this bamboo blanket for hot sleepers night sweats because the cold touch of the bamboo fibers has a specific feature to keep you cool all-night-long

The bamboo fibers make this blanket breathable which will allow which enhances air circulation through the blanket and make you cool all night in any season.

Their thick design makes it lightweight and it will give you enough comfort that you want while sleeping, also the simple size of it makes it to be multi-use and to carry, such you can take it with you in your luggage while traveling. This feature allows you too to use it while taking nap outdoors, watching films in the cinema, etc.

It is machine washable and tumble dry too, so that will allow you to have it because some of them are not machine washed because of their material that is not resistant the heat temperature.

  • Pros: Lightweight blanket. For all seasons. You can carry it in your backpack while going to watch some more with your friends or in other places. It good blanket Fou summertime, it will keep you cool while sleeping.
  • Cons: It is a little small for a king-size bed.

4-Cooling Bamboo Waffle Queen Size Blanket

This blanket is made from 50% of cotton and 50% of bamboo viscose, these natural materials are both of them very soft, so don’t think if this blanket is soft or not. You have to think if when both of them in one blanket can give me enough cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

With this material, you will get what you need from this blanket because bamboo absorbs moisture and is exceptionally breathable to give you deep sleep without feeling sweaty or cold.

As we see above these products come only with a simple design, unlike this one, which comes with a classic design and three-dimensional to give you more decor for your room and bed, also it can be a nice gift for your, friends, lover, wifi, child, etc.

From my testing about this cooling bamboo waffle queen-size blanket, I see on its edges and stitching are very good and neat stitching. so it means it will last for many years. if you know to care about it. But I will make a review about how to clean bamboo blankets, you can check it.

  • Pros: High-quality design. It’s buttery soft. It absorbs moisture.
  • Cons: Not entirely made of bamboo.

5-Cooling Blankets, 100% Bamboo Blanket for All-Season

If you are looking for a blanket that is made from 100% bamboo without any other material, this blanket it have that, it is made only from bamboo. If you don’t know why people need it to be made only from bamboo, here is why Bamboo releases body heat and lasting cooling sleep.

And also, it won’t stick to the skin because bamboo fibers have a smooth and round surface that allows the bamboo blanket to slide easily over the skin, unlike synthetic fibers that have a rough and uneven surface which can cause friction and static cling.

It comes with a laundering bag to protect it from any damage that comes from the machine when you wash it. just put it in the laundry bag and put it to wash with your clothes.

  • Pros: Made from 100% bamboo fibers. It does not stick to the skin when sweating.
  • Cons: None

By Gude Here What You Need to Consider to Get the Best Bamboo Blankets

Each one of us has the factors that he needs to consider for getting the best bamboo blankets. But there are some people who don’t know what to consider, so now worry about that because I’m going to give you the crucial factor that will help you to get the best blanket.


If you are looking for blankets that are 100% made from bamboo fiber then you need to as the manufacturer for that or see the description of the product. But if you want to choose one product from our list, then this factor is not important for you because we have a choice for you only blankets that are made from bamboo fiber.

If you read our reviews about these products above, you will find some products are made from bamboo and other natural material, but if you need us to choose for you then our team recommends this 100% Bamboo Blanket for Hot Sleepers Night Sweats.


Bamboo blankets are available in a variety of weaves, such as twill, jacquard, and plain weave. So consider this factor to find the one that suits your needs and preferences.


They come in many different sizes that can suit, kids, adults, and older, so check the size that suits you and your bed to get enough comfortable and cool sleep.


Based on my tests and comparisons that my team does between many different bamboo blankets, I see that are coming in different weights, ranging from lightweight to heavy. so also consider this weight factor if you are looking for the blanket that you need to carry with you for example, for traveling, etc.


This factor is an option because now on the market there are only famous brands that made bamboo blankets from high-quality material. but if you want to consider this factor you can do that, here is what you need to consider, Look for reputable brands that specialize in making bamboo blankets from high-quality material to get the best blanket

Care Instructions:

There are a few blankets that are very difficult to care for and to maintain, so then you need to check this care instructions factor to get the easy one to care about it.

Please consider all these factors if you want to get what you need and for your budget

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