Best 5 Bamboo Beaded Curtains For Entryway

Bamboo Beaded Curtains

So many of us have an inter way without a door or are not a fan of doors, But when our friends visit us and when they just passage near that room, living room, kitchen, or the place where there is no door, they can see what is inside, so to avoid that, you need to have these bamboo beaded curtains. This product will help you a lot and will give your room nice look and will suit any home decor because is available in many different shapes and designs.

I was making reviews about bamboo outdoor products, but when I see this indoor product I fall in love with it because comes with some good for home and put the end to the embarrassment that occurs when friends or family visit us.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the best 5 bamboo beaded curtains for entryways. With my team, we tested these products the most one week of work and compared them, Here is what we consider to get the best bamboo beaded curtains for you. We consider, which tubes of bamboo these curtains made? and is it high-quality? which kind of line that use to collect these pieces of bamboo? and is this beaded curtain very sturdy? We have considered all these things and we find 5 spices made from high-quality material, let’s see them

Our Top Bamboo Beaded Curtains.

Let’s make a review of each one to give you an idea o how it works, and also know if the size of it can suit your doorway. And don’t forget to check more bamboo decor that you might need them.

1-TACHILC Beach Tree Bamboo Beaded Curtain for Doorways

All these curtains are handmade as you see in the pictures, I have chosen this bamboo beaded curtain art because I like the beach, haha actually not only that, The way these real bamboo pieces connects to each other is with wire. They chose the wire because they know if you have kids, pets can hang on it, so this wire means is constantly walking for a long time.

As I say I love the beach, so I have installed it in my doorway, and the palm tree and beach make me think of going to the beach even if it’s wintertime haha.

I found the size of this beach tree bamboo beaded curtain suits my doorway perfectly, here is the size of it 35.5″ x 78 ” (90 x 200 cm-standard door size) with 90 strands, You need to see this size if it will suit your door too before you do any step to purchase.

You will not need to do your best to hang it up above the door because it comes with 2 metal rings on the wooden bar, you just need to take the necessary measurements before drilling the eyelets or use two J-hooks that are screwed into the wall to not get any problem with not forming the image well.

  • Pros: Easy To Install On the wall. bamboo tubes make cool sounds when moved.
  • Cons: None

2-VIP Lounge Bamboo Bead Curtain

If you have a VIP room or private room, you can have this curtain, anyone saw it will know it’s your private room, so anyone will not enter it. But do not let this thing make you buy it, you have to think well about it and also you have to know a lot about it. but no worry about that, I’m here to guide you to know the most important things in it to make you make the right decision.

It is made of real bamboo tubes, and the art on it is handmade, and the size of it is 35.5″ x 78 ” (90 x 200 cm-standard door size) with 90 strands, compare this size with your door and see is it the right choice for you.

All these bamboo tubes it connected together by sturdy metal which is good because you can adjust them by removing some tubes according to your doorway size.

One thing that I saw in this bamboo beaded curtain is very transparent which means will not obstruct the natural movement of air.

It’s easy to install it too, all these bamboo beaded curtains that I will share with you, are Installed only with the same method as I say in the first product.

  • Pros: Easy To hang Too. Made of High-quality bamboo beads. You can adjust the size of this container to suit the doorway
  • Cons: It’s a little expansive

3-Octopus Bamboo Bead Door Curtain

I would say this octopus bamboo bead door curtain is good for a privacy screen, it is made very well and dense. The octopus when you walk through it, it almost looks like it’s swimming, and also you can see the octopus art visible from both sides of the curtain and at any angle.

If you are a fan of bamboo or you like the color of bamboo you will like this curtain too because of its color why? Because there are some manufacturers add some color to it like red, black, etc, and these colors don’t make you feel like using a real bamboo curtain, unlike this product, they add to it bamboo color to protect it from the mold and make you feel of using a real curtain.

The dimension of it is 78″L x 35.5″ W, and it’s a suitable size for most doors, The purpose of this curtain to be dense is to protect you from pesky flies and reduce light. In this case, the sounds of bamboo tubes when someone walks through them will create a soothing sound.

  • Pros: Very dense bamboo bead curtain. It will reduce the light if you don’t like it as I do. It made craftsmanship. The picture on it is 3D.
  • Cons: The strands are not as close together.

4-The Birds Bamboo Beaded Curtain for Doorway

This picture of the crow in this curtain makes it good for a classic home, In my opinion, I would say this curtain will be good if you use it in your laundry room, kid’s room, hallway, or pets room, the crow and tree will bring you a feeling as you are watching the sunset time. This art is hand-made and hand-painted, I can imagine how hard for anyone to make.

The doorway or wherever you want to install should be 35.5 inches x 78 inches. Install it anywhere you want with the same size of it to make the design on it very clear, but if you install it in small or large places the design on it will be messy. So consider the size.

  • Pros: The black color on it makes the design on it very clear to see even if you are far from it. Very nice bamboo beaded curtain for the pet room. Easy to install too.
  • Cons: Some people say the color of this curtain wears down over time on friction.

5-The Eye Bamboo Beaded Curtain for Doorway

When you are looking at this bamboo beaded curtain for the doorway it looks like the Alladin carpet, it looks like made from fabric, but It’s a 90-string made of natural bamboo tubes, It has been professionally made as you can see in the picture and design looks old matchbook art, So if you have a museum place in your home it will be great to use this curtain in the door.

If you are looking for a piece of art so this will be great for that too, you can simply hang it on the wall and enjoy old matchbook art.

The item in question does not offer complete privacy because it’s a little transparent and it remains see-through when the lights are on. However, even when the lights are off, it still provides only limited privacy, so it’s just for deco

  • Pros: Great craftsmanship for home decor. Its design fits anywhere you want to hang it at home. It comes with 2 metal rings for easy hanging.
  • Cons: None

By Guide, Here is What You Need to Consider if You Want to Find The Right Bamboo Beaded Curtain

When you are looking to find the right bamboo curtain for your home, coffee, etc, here is a crucial factor that you need to consider to get the best one.

Size and Fit

First, You need to measure your doorway or window to ensure that the curtains will fit properly. Also, you have to know there is some bamboo curtains are adjustable in length, while others are fixed, so you need to ask if the curtain you want is adjusted or not.

Style and Design

If you are looking to add elegant decor to your home, you need to consider the style and design. From my search with my team, we have found many different styles and designs, from natural bamboo to brightly colored beads, so choose a style that complements your decor.

Bead Quality

Also, you need to find bamboo curtains made from good-quality beads, so look for high-quality bamboo beads that are tightly woven together. Cheaper options may have gaps or loose beads, which can reduce privacy and noise reduction.


If you want to stay with you for many years, you need to find one that is well made and durable, as they will be exposed to daily wear and tear. Consider the thickness of the beads and the strength of the string or wire that holds them together.


You need to consider how easy to maintain and how to clean it, from my experience with this bamboo curtain, it needs to require regular maintenance to keep them looking its best. And also, ask the manufacturer that you purchase from them this product if you can get extra beads or strings in case of breakage or wear and tear.


The price it’s depends on your budget, you have to know bamboo beaded curtains can vary widely, so you have to keep in mind that cheaper options may not be as durable or of high quality as more expensive options.

From our experience with my team, if you consider these factors you have to believe that you will get the best bamboo curtain that offers the perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality

Let’s see some other questions that you might ask them in your main.

What Makes Bamboo Beaded Curtain a Great Choice?

It is a great choice for several reasons. Firstly, it adds a unique and natural touch to any space with its rustic and eco-friendly appeal. Secondly, It is lightweight and easy to install, which makes it a convenient option for both homeowners and renters, Additionally, it will allow air and light to flow freely while still providing some privacy and elegant decor.

Tips for Using Bamboo Beaded Curtains

* Creating a privacy screen for your private room.
*Great for blocking sunlight, and it keeps insects out of a room while still allowing airflow
* Use as doorway decoration or art.


Here are a few questions the people ask.

Why I Should Have a Bamboo beaded Curtain

There are many reasons that will allow you to have this bamboo bead curtain for your home such as they are stylish and unique to add some texture and visual interest to your space. Also, they come in a variety of colors and designs, also will prevent the sunlight that inter to your home if you don’t need it.

How Do you Hang Beaded Bamboo Curtains?

To hang your bamboo beaded curtains it’s very simple, you just need to follow the step below or watch the video below.
1-You need to measure the width of your window or doorway to determine the length of the curtain rod you’ll need.
2-After measuring the width then install the mounting brackets on the wall above the window or doorway using screws and a drill.
3-Slide the curtain rod through the loops on the top of the curtain.
4-Place the curtain rod into the mounted brackets.
5-Adjust the curtains so that they hang evenly on either side of the window or doorway.
I followed this step before when I was installing my curtain and I did not find any problem or any difference in the pictures

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