Best 5 Bamboo Baby Bowls for Eco-Friendly Feeding

Taking care of babies is very hard work actually. You need to clean, feed, and take care of them every day. However, the most challenging task is feeding them as they tend to make a mess around them, which in turn adds to your workload.

The babies when they start growing up have power and became enthusiastic about exploring all the furniture in the home, especially the bowls, spoons, and plats you give them to eat in, They can take time and throw them or they start hitting them with the table.

I think this article it’s for naughty babies haha. Okay, now we are going to share with you the best bamboo bowls, they are very nice sets for kids, I will share with you also some other bowls with plates and spoons. so stay with us to see that.

Best 5 Bamboo Baby Bowls and Plate sets.

Bamboo Baby Bowls
Bamboo Baby Bowls and plate sets

As we said before, these bamboo baby bowls will work more for naughty babies, you might ask me why, okay here is why, they come with a silicone ring under them which will let them suctions and stick onto the table, your baby when he/she wants to move it somewhere it’s can’t do that. so the purpose of these bowls is to show your baby how to eat in one place and to reduce the mess for you.

Now we have selected for you the best of the market, you just need to do your best and know which bowls and plates are good for your baby, but we are here to do our best to give you full reviews about them too. I have shared with you these products, and they are different from each other, some of them come with spoons, and plates, while the others do not.

Before we go to make reviews about them, you need to know why bamboo bowls and plate sets. And know what will give to you when you pay for it. This question we will answer these right now.

Why Bamboo Bowls and Plates Sets?

There are some crucial features on this bamboo bowl and sets, they are very eco-friendly than other plastic and class sets. we will give you also why they are very good from other plastic or glass bowl. Let’s see that below.


When you use this bamboo bowl for kids it means you are not harming the environment because bamboo is a fast-growing grass, while the others that are made from plastic, glass, and traditional trees, it is harmful to nature.


Bamboo is non-toxic, and there are many brands making dishes, furniture, home decor, bamboo toys, etc from bamboo because is a non-toxic material, This feature makes bamboo accessories a healthier option than plastic accessories.

Every plastic baby bowl and plate set can contain harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalates, but bamboo baby plates and sets do not contain that which is a great option for you and your family.


Bamboo is a very durable material that can withstand high temperatures and scratches, which is great for use each time you want to give your baby to eat.

With this durable feature, even if your baby plays with it it will not break or lose its durability. Also, are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and transport.


Bamboo wood is lightweight but durable, this feature will let you handle it with you when it’s time for outdoor events such as picnics and camping trips. And also makes them easier to store and carry.

Your baby will enjoy eating in it wherever he/she goes.


They come in many different designs and sizes, and also you can use them to give your baby to eat on them any kind of food you want. And there are some people who use them for casual dinners, formal events, or even as decorative pieces.

Actually, their design makes them for all ages not only for kids, so anyone can enjoy eating their food in them.

Easy To Clean:

There is no hard work you need to passage when cleaning bamboo baby bowls, it is like other dishes, you just need to wash them in cold water with a mild dishes soap and use a soft sponge to scrub the leftovers, and then let them dry in the dishes racks.

This is what makes bamboo baby bowls and plate sets good than other plastic or glass. Now it’s time to give you a full guide about the products above in the list to have an idea of which is the best for your baby.

Best Bamboo Baby Bowl and Spoon

This bamboo bowl and spoon are for children aged 4 months to 72 months, It is made well from bamboo and your baby will love to eat in it. It comes with a spoon which means you will not need to buy new additional products.

The spoon is very well-made in terms of both design and smoothness, which will provide a comfortable grip for you and your baby. Additionally, it is lightweight, and your baby can eat their food from it without getting tired.

The spoon and bowl are made from bamboo and are plastic-free, BPA-Free, and PVC-Free. making it a great choice for your baby’s health.

It comes also with a removable silicone ring on the bottom of the bowl which will keep the bowl stable on the table and when your baby tries to move it to somewhere he will not do that. Thanks to this silicone our kids will learn how to eat fast.

  • Pros: It will stick well on any surface you place it on. Easy to remove the silicone ring from the bowl.
  • Cons: We couldn’t find any cons to it.

Baby Bamboo Suction Plate, Bowl, and Spoon set.

This bamboo baby set comes with a spoon, bowl, and plate. The one thing that makes us love this plate is very lightweight but it’s very durable, which means it will last with your baby for as long time as possible.

The plate comes in 3 different compartments, which allows you to serve all the food you want to give to your baby in one place without getting it mixed up with other foods on the plate without using more plates.

The bowl and plate both of them come with silicone rings, with them your baby will not make your home messy as he/she does if they do that.

The capacity of this plate can hold 100ml mochi, 3-5 small broccoli, 5-7 blueberries, and 1 toast. Also, the capacity of the bowl can hold 380ml/11.32oz of water or milk.

These sets are for toddlers 1-3 years old, In this age, the kids love to play with anything they get, that why this bowl and plate come with silicon rings on their bottom, it will be hard for them to remove them when are stuck, it needs real muscle.

  • Pros: It is a lightweight set. The plate gives your three places for food. They come with good suction.
  • Cons: You can’t wash them in the dishwasher.

Best Bamboo Shark Plate, Bowl, and Spoon for Babies

Your baby will love to eat on this set because it comes with a happy-face of shark, It nice design for babies which will challenge your baby to eat all the food to reach the happy-face shark. This will grow appetites and make your baby to all food you give them.

The plate comes with hands for easy to carry, this will make your baby handle it and eat their food where ever he/she wants. The hands come in the form of a shark fin, which adds a wonderful design to the plate.

It comes also with a spoon and bowl for letting your baby’s eating their food in different experiences. And the size of the plants is 7x9x1.5 IN, the bowl is 4.7 D x 2.3 H IN & Spoon is 5.5 x 1.2 IN.

Also, the one thing that we like about this set is microwave safe, any food you want to warm for your baby, you can use this set to warm it.

  • Pros: It is 100% BPA-free. It comes with a silicone ring too as the other above. Great design for babies.
  • Cons: None.

Best Baby Bamboo Plate and Bowl Set with Spoons and Fork

This set Includes all Essentials, which are a plate, bowl, two spoons, and fork, with this set your baby will learn how to use a fork too, they are all of them made from high-quality material.

As mentioned before, bamboo is highly durable, which means that even if your baby tries to pull this set while it’s stuck on the table with a silicone ring, it won’t be able to do so because of the high-quality material it’s made of. but it will be easy for you to remove it, you just need to pull the tugging on each dish and then it will remove for you.

The color of silicon ring comes in blue for this set, the color will give more effect and change to the dining room, so you can choose the color that your baby loves because this set comes with more than 3 different colors which are green, orange, and Pink.

  • Pros: It comes with a good portion size. Has great suction power.
  • Cons: Sorry we can’t find the cons for this set.

Best Bamboo Forks for Babies

This is our last product in this article, it is only bamboo forks, if you want to train your baby how to eat with forks then this option is great for that.

These forks are made from bamboo and silicone. The tines of these forks are made from silicone, making them safe to use in the mouth. Furthermore, the silicone used in these forks does not contain any harmful materials and will not decompose even if your baby uses it to eat hot food or cold.

It is designed well from all sides and it will fit the mouth of any toddler. When you give them this fork there is nothing to worry about it.

we share these forks with you because there is a bamboo bowl set for babies that do not include forks. If you require forks to complete your set, you can purchase this product.

  • Pros: It is great for little hands and a little mouth. It is great for beginners. Comes with a comfortable grip.
  • Cons: None.

This is our review for today, we hope to help you to find a good bamboo baby bowl for your little one.

Can Babies use Bamboo Bowls?

Yes, they can use them for their food, because is safe for them due to the material that is made from, bamboo is non-toxic and does not contain toxic substances making it a great choice for babies.

Can I Wash Bamboo Bowls in the Dishwasher?

Based on our test and comparing too many different bamboo bowls for kids, we have found they are not dishwasher safe because the high heat of the machine and prolonged exposure to water can cause the bamboo bowl to warp, crack, or even split.

Is Silicon Ring on the Bamboo bowl safe for babies?

Yes, it is 100% safe for babies because these rings are made from food-grade silicone and are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, and phthalates.

How to clean a bamboo Baby bowl?

To Clean bamboo bowls, it’s an easy process, you just need to bring mild soap for dishes, add soap to the bowl and start scrubbing the bowl with a soft sponge, you can check how to do that in the video below, and also this video will show you how to maintain it.

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