Free Falling @ $7 Million Per Day!

Alaska faces a multi-billion dollar deficit yet we are burning through our savings account at the rate of $7 million per day! Resources are being wasted while funding for education, infrastructure and critical services is threatened.

A high bid of $1.5 million was accepted to paint and improve the exterior of the governor’s mansion. Litigation has ensued over that deal gone bad. Help me occupy the governor’s residence and let’s stop this careless spending.

Bethel Legislative OfficesThe state is incurring a no-bid $80 million lease obligation for Taj Mahal-like spare Anchorage legislative offices. Two glass elevators and bathroom stalls with maple doors are featured. I visited the legislative offices in Bethel recently. A significantly more modest office suffices there. As governor, I will outright reject lavish spending of our diminishing resources.

Four years ago, I ran for governor with a plan to get Alaska’s gas to Alaskans first and then to the world via LNG exports to the Asian markets. Governor Parnell was fixed on the highway route to Canada. That failed study has cost us $330 million and counting.

Last year, Parnell supported the small bullet gas line study for $400 million. This year, he has finally recognized the benefits of the large volume LNG project. But he insists that TransCanada and the three leaseholders with competing projects all over the world must control the decision making. His new 18 month study is $90 million. If you are ready to dismiss study hall and start building a gas line, I am your candidate and I need your support.

My parents fought for Statehood so we could control our destiny. When Governor Hickel asked me to run for governor in 2009, he knew I would lead with the authority and confidence of an “owner state” governor. His greatest fears are being realized as we become an “owned state.”

As governor, I will be that independent leader who will rise above politics and special interests and put Alaskans first in every decision I make.

Alaska First! It’s time.

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